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Agents were always complaining about filling out licensing paperwork.
SURE LC is a bank of questions that you answer. The bank is a collection of questions that most of the carriers ask. Most of the carriers subscribe to Sure LC and approve of this electronic application. As your Brokerage General Agency, we pay your fee to utilize this system. There are a few carriers that do NOT use this system. We find this to be an  efficient way to do business and it allows you to focus your time on sales!

Contracting with CRISONA FINANCIAL is simple!

After reading the instructions below, click the link above to get started. You only need to complete the questions ONCE! If you need additional carrier appointments, you simply notify our office or through the site.

Crisona Financial is pleased to offer the industry’s leading contracting system, SureLC which offers a simplified process that manages all aspects of your licensing and contracting needs by making it easier, faster and more accurate.

  1. Enter your data once into a secure online system, and it can then be used to complete future contracting paperwork.
  2. Automatically integrates with NIPR (National Insurance Producer Registry) to provide up-to-date state licensing and carrier appointment information.
  3. Can provide notifications to you when state licenses are to be renewed.
  4. Online contracting available with all of our core carriers.
  5. As you contract with new carriers, only the information that is unique to that carrier will be needed.
  6. You can complete your agent profile, from start to finish, in less than 15 minutes.

What do you need to get started?

  1. Computer with scanning ability or fax machine
  2. E & O information (Declaration Page, individual and agency, if applicable)
  3. Voided Check to go with the EFT form.
  4. LIMRA password (if you wish SureLC to pull your information)- This is for the AML (Anti Money Laundering certificate- Must be within 2 years)
  5. LTC Partnership Training CE Certificate– Many states require this, even for the LTC rider on a life policy.

For additional information review the User Manual or contact our licensing specialist for assistance.


Send Ann Marie an E-mail that you want to add a carrier appointment.
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